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The First Note

The Music Space is a relatively new addition to the music teaching arena in Sydney's South. Our first space began in Connells Point in May 2017.  It has flourished in the short time we have been operating.

It all began from an idea, a dream to help to nurture that seed inside a person who has the desire to learn music and through nurture and teaching, help that to grow and blossom into a passion for Music for life!

Teach In Harmony

No matter who you are taught by at The Music Space, all of our teachers share the same passion, the same nurture and the same ethos for teaching students of all abilities

Our future feels bright at The Music Space because we are impacting the lives of our students to an extent that we have expanded to The Music Space #2. Our second space opened in May 2018 in Ramsgate!

We are very excited to be announcing more classes, holiday workshops, instrument offerings and talented, experienced teachers to you our existing and future students.

The Future Sounds Good

Motherhood brought about a strong desire for me to give back my knowledge and love of music not only to my children but to share it with many children, teenagers and adults alike.


My goal at The Music Space is, with the help of my team, help budding musicians and singers to blossom! To allow themselves to dream and reach whatever music goals they choose to achieve.

I see my role as one to simply facilitate, teach and guide each and every student in a nurturing, structured and fun way and to allow music to be something they love throughout their lives.

Heidi Holt



  Introduction Programme    

At The Music Space we are approached by students of all ages whether in primary school or adults, who are absolute beginners. We welcome this!

We pride ourselves on using materials and teaching methods that take each student through a learning process at a pace that will suit the individual, whereby they understand the fundamentals of not only playing their instrument but also the theory of music as well.

We run our teaching programme by the school terms, hence our terms are approximately 10 weeks long with a 2 week break in between each.

That does not mean however, that we are closed all year long!

Students are welcome to continue their weekly lessons without taking a break during school holidays, or join into one of our holiday workshop programmes which will give them the opportunity to learn a new skill or technique!


In our basic programme, we teach students how to read music, how to care for their instrument, we focus on rhythm and its importance, musicality and when ready, learning their pieces to a performance standard (no matter how new they are at playing/singing).

In regards to singing specifically, we find that within a month of lessons, students open up and become not only more aware of how to begin to breathe correctly and use their voice, we have found it begins to help with their confidence and any possible issues they have with nerves and anxiety. It is an incredible tool which transforms many areas of a singer's life, not only their singing voice.

  Yearly Programme    

Our yearly programme can take a student down a path toward an AMEB exam or take a student down a path which is driven purely for pleasure and growth with a non-exam focus.

Every student's needs and desires are unique therefore we will only suggest the path of taking formal examinations with AMEB, (or the Australian Examinations Board) if a student is willing and more importantly, ready, to begin preparation for and sit an exam.

All AMEB exams are taken in November/December of each year therefore, we will spend the year preparing the student for the exam ensuring they are ready for all exam components and focus on non-exam pieces as well.

We create and offer opportunities for growth for all of our students throughout the year if they choose them. Some such opportunities are through performing locally, competing at Eisteddfods, auditioning for local musical theatre productions and at the end of every year, holding our own recital giving all students the opportunity to perform to family and friends and to farewell another year together.


Owner of The Music Space & Head Teacher


Heidi has had the best of both worlds in her music development and career.

Heidi is a classically trained pianist having completed her AMUS in Piano in 1993. She has worked in Marketing for three major labels in Australia and worked on the marketing campaigns for some of the world's most successful international artists.

In 2003 Heidi moved to London where she spent 5 years perfecting her own craft as a singer, songwriter and recording artist. The product was the release of two solo albums which received rave reviews in the Soul and RnB music scene. She also started a record label in London with producer Dreadlox Holmes. The pair represented a plethora of English and European artists of all genres. 

In the past 3 years, Heidi has changed her focus and draws on her skill base and experience to teach and develop this generation's incredible talent and foster a love of music and learning of musical fundamentals in people of all ages, no matter their ability when they begin. 

Heidi Holt

Piano / Singing / Songwriting


Dean Balding cover photo.JPG

Dean Balding


Tansy Profile pic.png

Tansy McLean


Lachie profile.jpg

Lachie McWhirter


Traditional Indian Drums

Coming Soon




Coming Soon.....

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From private lessons in the comfort of our studios located close to home for you, to yearly programmes and holiday workshops,  The Music Space will find the way to bring the love of music into your life.

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