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Tuition Fees

Please note: All prices listed on this page include GST and are direct debited every month, 11 months of the year.

Our Programmes


Private Tuition

Our private tuition programme includes one 1-on-1 lesson a week during the school term with your music tutor.

  • 30 minute lesson: $175.00 a month

  • 45 minute lesson: $262.50 a month

  • 60 minute lesson: $350.00 a month

We currently offer private tuition for piano, vocals, guitar, bass, drums, bouzouki and trumpet.


Group Lessons

Our group lesson programme currently run once or twice a week from 40-60 minutes, depending on your choice of instrument and where you are located.

  • Group Instrument Lessons* (Corpus Christi, St Ives): $141.00 a month

  • Group Singing Lessons: $110.00 a month

  • Rock Band Ensemble Classes: $110.00 a month

*We currently offer group lessons for keyboard, guitar, vocals and drums.

Lil' Musicians

Currently operating at Bald Face Public School and Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, St Ives

The Lil' Musicians programme is geared towards cultivating a love for music for grades K-2. An introductory course to music through the keyboard and the violin once a week in 40-minute group classes.

  • Lil' Musicians programme (incl. Instrument Hire) - $145.00 a month

Group & Combo Tuition Packages

*see below for Bouzouki


Private + Group Lesson COMBO

Our Private + Group COMBO packages offer you 1 x 30min private and your choice of one group class per week.

Valued at $65.00


Private + 2 Group Lesson COMBO

Our Ultimate Private + 2 x Group Class COMBO package offer you

1 x 30min private and your choice of two group classes per week.

Valued at $90.00

Bouzouki Group and Combo Packages


Specialised Private Tuition

Our Bouzouki Private lesson programme includes one (1) private lesson per week over the school term with your specialised music tutor.

​Valued at $75.00 for a 45 minute lesson


Bouzouki Group

Our Bouzouki Group Only programme allows you to choose from one (1) 60 minute Group Class of your choice per week over the school term with your specialised music tutor.


Valued at $40.00 for a 60-minute Group Class

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Bouzouki Private + Group COMBO

Our Bouzouki Private + Group COMBO packages offer you:

1 x 45 minute private lesson, and 

1 x 60 minute group class per week to really accelerate your learning

Valued at $110.00


1. Choose your instrument and/or Group Class

2: Contact us by filling in the Contact Form

3. We will confirm lesson times and set up your payments before lessons begin

4. Get ready to start your Music Journey with us! 

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