Heidi Spiliopoulos Holt

Founder and Director

Piano / Singing / Songwriting

Music for Heidi our founder is everything! It’s about self-expression, creativity and encompasses mind, heart and soul. She loves to teach and share all those elements with her students and audiences.

Heidi has had the best of both worlds in her music development and career. As a 

classically trained pianist she completed her AMUS in Piano in 1993. Then she worked in Marketing & Publicity for three major record labels in Australia and worked campaigns for some of the world's most successful international artists including Beyonce, Shakira and Ricky Martin to name a few.

In 2003 Heidi moved to London where she spent 5 years perfecting her own craft as a singer, songwriter and recording artist. She released two solo albums which received rave reviews in the Soul and RnB music scene. She also started a record label in London with producer Dreadlox Holmes. The pair represented a plethora of English and European artists of all genres. 

Later Heidi moved to South Africa where she taught private piano and singing in a prestigious private school.

Upon her return to Australia in 2017 she brought The Music Space to life with a passionate goal to build a music school which cultivates a lifelong love of music in all her students' lives!


Heidi and her fantastic team draw on their skill base, qualifications, passion and experience to teach and develop each person who walks through our doors.

Meet The Music Space Team
Denise Cavalletto
Manolis Michalakis
Rebekah Balfoort
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Ange Tsoltoudis

Piano  / Classical and Pop Singing / Group Singing