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School Holiday Workshops

We love to offer bespoke, enriching and quality workshops at The Music Space.

The purpose of what we offer to our workshop attendees, whether in preschool, primary or high school is an experience that will nourish the mind, the creativity and the soul.

Any time and energy you give to something you enjoy, or are curious about or passionate about will enrich you. That is what we offer in our workshops here at The Music Space.

Take a look at what is on offer next school holidays and pick the workshops that you feel will suit you and your interests best. We cannot wait to have you join us for sessions that will inspire and excite you, educate and enrich you in music and the arts.


Lil' Musicians Keyboard & Songbird Taster Workshops 09:30-12:30pm (4-7yrs)

Ramsgate Studio

Ramsgate Studio

AMEB Preparation - Theory, Aural and Piano and Vocal Ensembles 1.00-4.30pm

Ramsgate Studio

Ramsgate Studio

7 to 10 years old at Ramsgate Studio

Jammin Band Classes, 7:00pm

At Ramsgate Studio

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Bouzouki Workshops

with Manolis Michalakis

Saturday 6th July, (1.00 - 4.30pm)

We welcome you to join Manolis Michalakis on Saturday July 5th for a special ONE OFF workshop at The Music Space 

Do you want to develop and master your playing?
Are you a beginner (learning min.12months) to intermediate level?
Are you ready to be inspired and learn techniques that will ignite more magic into your playing?

Are you ready to learn some of Manoli's special secrets?
Can you imagine 3.5 hours of doing what you love?

Manoli will touch on topics such as scales, positions, harmonisation, combinations and improvisation
Bring your bouzouki and come ready for an unforgettable afternoon

* These workshops are a taster to our regular weekly private lesson experience you can offer your child through the school term.

* We are accepting new enrolments

Lil’ Musicians (Keyboard) & Songbirds Workshops
4-7 years old

Monday July 8th, (9.30am -12.30pm)

Wednesday July 10th, (9.30am -12.30pm)

Our Lil’ Musician keyboard programme utilises Australian curriculum Encore on Keys. We introduce your child to music through beautifully crafted and holistic group music lessons that develop music reading, playing ability and fine & gross motor skills, rhythm and basic music theory in keyboard.

Our holistic course develops a broad range of musical skills that extend well beyond playing the piano or keyboard. These workshops will expand your child beyond the keyboard to also exploring their inner songbird!

Music learning will not only be educational but also filled with uplifting fun, movement and exploration through singing!

We encourage you to register for both workshops so you can watch your child PERFORM with the group on Wednesday July 10th.

* These workshops are a taster to our regular weekly experience you can offer your child through the school term.

We offer Lil' Musician keyboard classes throughout the week and will be offering Lil' Songbird classes on Tuesdays in term 3.

*We are accepting new enrolments.

jammin band classes at music space


Our Band Jam Workshop is designed for budding musicians who have been learning their instrument for at least 12-18 months. 


Our band workshop will be an interactive and lively space where your child will explore the magic of making music as part of a group. Your band conductor, Ricardo Steyer is a seasoned performer and multi-instrumentalist who plays many genres of music and can't wait to work with young budding musos such as yourself!

And following all that playing you are going to get some essential Roadie 101 training as well. You will be the star at school when your teacher struggles to get the sound working for school concerts!

Let's start JAMMIN' IT OUT!

* These workshops are a taster to our regular weekly experience you can offer your child through the school term.

We will be offering Band Jam classes on Mondays 7pm (Ramsgate) and Tuesdays 5.00pm (St Ives) throughout the term

*We are accepting new enrolments. Share your interest with us.

Tuesday July 9th, (10.00am - 1.30pm)

Songwriting Workshops

Tuesday July 9th, (2.00 - 5.30pm)

Thursday July 11th (with performance) (2.00 - 5.30pm)

​Songwriting is a powerful means of self-discovery, personal growth, and creative expression. Guided by Heidi who has written and released albums and singles herself, you will explore the art of songwriting.

You will be taking the songwriting process step by step and create at your own pace. What is even more exciting is you will be given the opportunity to perform your song on Wednesday afternoon!

We may have some hit songwriters in our midst!


Songwriting is so powerful and self expressive.

We want you to be given a creative outlet to express your thoughts, feelings, experiences with your voice, choice of words and melody.

​​Writing songs can serve as a therapeutic outlet, helping you process and cope with a wide range of emotions. It provides a constructive way to express joy, sadness, frustration, or any other emotions you may be experiencing.

And when you successfully create a song and bring it to life - Wow, it brings a real sense of accomplishment and with that of course follows a boost in confidence - a WIN!

Songwwriting encourages young people to trust in their ideas​. It also deepens their understanding of music theory, composition, and arrangement.​​

Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 6.49.18 am.png

AMEB Exam Preparation Workshops-Ace your Theory, Aural & Live Ensemble 

Get Ready for your next AMEB Exam

We understand how essential a solid foundation in music theory is for musicians (piano, vocal, guitar, drums, all instruments) so we encourage you, if you are currently preparing for an AMEB exam,  to take advantage of our two half day workshops these school holidays.

You will be covering many topics through learning, discussion and music games. All grades can be supported.

* Music Theory

* Aural development and tricks

* General Knowledge including a booklet to take home with you

* To end the workshop we will be having mini live ensembles so you can practice performing your examination pieces to the group and receive valuable feedback. You can take that and develop your skills and playing further in the lead up to your next exam.

* These workshops would also suit high school music students if you need more support in your music theory and/or performance components

Monday July 8th, (1.00 - 4.30pm)

Wednesday July 10th, (1.00 - 4.30pm)

Drama & Acting Workshops

Thursday July 11 - Lil' Actors, (6-10yrs),


Friday July 12 - Acting Workshop (11-16yrs),


Samuel Chapman, our resident drama coach will be taking your child or teenager through some games and activities that will encourage them to unleash their creativity!

He will you exploring through improvisation, storytelling, and role-playing.

You will leave your workshop with a big smile on your face wanting more!

* These workshops are a taster to our regular weekly experience you can offer your child or teenager through the school term.

We will be offering Lil' Actors Drama classes on Thursdays 4.30pm and Teen Acting Thursdays 5.45pm (Ramsgate Only) 

*We are accepting new enrolments. Share your interest with us.

acting classes at music space

Singing Vocal Power

Friday July 11th, (2.00-5.30pm)

You love to sing!

It brings you immense joy, energy and you can't get enough!


Have you taken a moment to think about your vocal hygience?

Your voice is your instrument and it is incredibly important to take good care of it. Little things you change can make a huge impact on the health and quality of your beautiful instrument.


This Singing Vocal Power workshop will also explore various vocal techniques to support your voice for big, long power notes.

Breath control, pitching and working on your vocal range.

Finally you will be looking at your vocal expression. The thing that gives your audience or examiner goosebumps. They will know that you can feel and understand what you are singing about - that is the magic! Vocal expression will also encompass nerves when performing and how you can overcome them step by step.

You will be able to take what you learn today and implement it into your daily singing life, live performances and auditions or exams.

* If this workshop is something you would love to be part of on a regular weekly basis, share your interest with us.

We will be able to offer Vocal Power classes on Tuesdays 6.30pm (Ramsgate)) in Term 3. 

*We are accepting new enrolments.

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