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Manoli Mihalakis


Manolis Michalakis is not your average bouzouki teacher. He has performed with highly acclaimed Greek composers such as G.Katsaros, J.Markopoulos, M.Plessas, N.Karanikolas and collaborated with Greek singers such as Voskopoulos, G.Parios, Marinella, P.Papadopoulou and performed with the iconic Vicky Moscholiou for 15 years.

Manolis has actively taught the bouzouki and guitar since 1990 at top schools and universities in Greece and has the largest number of books about bouzouki teaching methods ever published in Greece and distributed globally. These present a teaching method that will be taught at The Music Space and is dedicated to the idea that music has no borders.

We are very fortunate to have a maestro such as Manoli teaching our students. All lessons are via skype and the unique features of lessons with Manoli is that you not only learn to master the bouzouki, but also learn the Greek language simultaneously.

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