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General Note

Here are our updated Fees for 2024:

30min privates - $58

45min privates - $87

60min privates - $110 (5% off)


Group Classes Only - $38 per class

Group Class discounts - come into effect when you select a package or take more than one group class weekly

Off Peak Lessons - 45min lessons are charged at the price of 30min lessons

(off peak lessons must be scheduled before 3pm or after 8pm, Mon-Fri at Ramsgate only)

* All invoices are processed on the 1st of every month March to December, and on Saturday January 27th for the first month of the year.

* The years' worth of fees are prorated into 11 equal monthly payments (we do not process fees based on each term). *No fees processed in January.

* All fees are based on a 40 week year

(Bald Face only is a 37 week year & fees adjusted accordingly)

If you would prefer to take lessons without a break all year, you will be invoiced separately for the additional lessons taken.

Casual 30min privates are $65

Casual 45min privates are $95

Casual Group Classes are $45

Please refer to our terms and conditions and FAQs or contact us for any further queries you have. We are always happy to hear from you.

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