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We invite you and your little one to join us for a free demo class at our next Music Together® family music classes


Enrolling in a Music Together® class for you and your child is signing up to a beautiful developmental process.

You are not simply signing up for a music class, you are signing up for music education

Your child will learn basic music competence along with you their grown up and this experience will last you a lifetime

You will learn to develop foundational skills in your voices and bodies and a lifetime of skill and enjoyment with music. Isn't that amazing!

The magic that is sparked in the lesson really happens at home with you the grown up. Let's begin this magical growth and journey together


The Music Together mixed age family class  is split into four school terms, 9 or 10 weeks in length.

We follow the NSW Government school terms

Enrolment is on-going with the option to opt out at the end of each term

TERM 3 commences

Monday July 17th - Friday September 22

TERM 4 commences

Monday October 9th (9 week term)

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What does your tuition include?

Your term fees include all the following:

* Weekly 45 minute class for 10 weeks

Beautifully produced materials: a new colour-illustrated songbook with music access code each term, plus supplemental, educational materials for caregivers

* Access to the Family Music Zone® which is research based

* Quarterly newsletter from Music Together Worldwide which includes educational expertise for you the grownups as well as your child

* Special certificates and goodies at the end of each term

Monthly Instalments

You can choose to pay for your 10-week term over three equal monthly payments during the term or

pay for the full term upfront 

Each class is $30


Term 3

JULY 2023

$99.00 (1 child)

*$149 for more than 1 child per family


$99.00 (1 child)

*$149 for more than 1 child per family


$99.00 (1 child)

$99.00 (1 child)

*$149 for more than 1 child per family

- - -

Or choose to pay for the term upfront

$290 (1 child)

$429 (2 children)

* Fees are charged via direct debit from your selected account / card.

* Fees are calculated by dividing each $30 lesson into three equal payments over the term or you can make a single payment at the start of the term

* We do not offer casual classes.

Our programme serves you and your child best when you attend weekly, therefore enrolment for the full term is our recommendation

Register for Term 3, 2023 now!

Session 1 - 09:30 - 10:15am

FAMILY MUSIC PROGRAM at the Ramsgate Studio

Session 2 - 10:30 - 11:15am

FAMILY MUSIC PROGRAM at the Ramsgate Studio


Terms and Conditions

The Music Space photograph, film and record audio from various recitals & lessons.


Please email us if you DO NOT consent to it.

What happens if I miss a class?

Due to scheduling constraints we are not able to accommodate makeup lessons for student absences if we are provided with less than 24 hours notice.

With 24 hours notice or more we will be happy to arrange up to a maximum of two (2) make up lessons per term used within that term for Music Together family music classes.

*If you miss your group class, no credit or refund will be granted.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Our Music Together classes are direct debited on an ongoing basis however are taken in 3 monthly instalments per term.


Each term may be slightly different in length, therefore the term payments are a little varied, hence why we arrange three direct debits per term using a secure payment gateway.

Termination of Enrolment

We need 14 days notice to cancel your payments.


Please email to inform them of your termination of enrolment.

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The Joy of Family Music®.... and the grownups who love them®

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