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About Us

The Music Space began as an idea, a possibility, an inspiration that I ran in my home in Sydney's south. It started as a single room where I taught piano and singing and had a deep desire to give back the love I felt for music and experience, particularly children who I find the most fascinating innocent beings in the world.

We are heading for our 6th birthday and I feel humbled to see my school grow into the northern and southern suburbs of Sydney , offering 9 different instruments and expanding our team to a group of 11 talented, passionate, experienced musicians and tutors.

Our goal in 2023 and beyond is to finally invite our families with children who are 0-5 years. Introducing them to music and developing basic music competence through our Music Together® curriculum. We are opening their worlds, minds and hearts to a lifetime of opportunity and joy which can then develop further as they reach the age of 5-6 and ready to learn an instrument.

For us music is not just playing an instrument and singing a few notes. Music is a medium that develops milestones, confidence, discipline, focus, creativity and create a lifetime of skill and enjoyment.

From 2023 we will strive for more growth, more development, more opportunities for performance and striving for excellence while cultivating your love of music for a lifetime.

It is such a powerful connecting force.

We welcome you to our Music Space.

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