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Group Classes

Group classes are offered at The Music Space as an add on, to develop a new or complementary skill as a private music student, or if you are a person who prefers to learn as part of a group.

 Whether you want to learn the keyboard as a Kindy student, take your AMEB theory of  music exams because you are also taking AMEB practical exams or want to develop better music theory for the HSC. Or perhaps you want to improve your harmony singing in a teen group, we aim to cater to you.

Our different classes are offered on different days and times at our three locations in Sydney. Please see the timetable below which will change from time to time.

Lil' Musicians, 1:30pm

Level 1 at Ramsgate Studio

Lil' Songbirds, 4:00pm

7 to 10 years old at Ramsgate Studio

7 to 10 years old at Ramsgate Studio

Lil' Musicians, 5:00pm

Level 3 at Ramsgate Studio

Jammin Band Classes, 7:00pm

At Ramsgate Studio

Please note, classes will go ahead when minimum numbers are reached per class


Lil’ Musicians (Keyboard)
4-8 years (Level 1, 2, 3)


Our Lil’ Musician piano programme utilises Australian curriculum Encore on Keys. We introduce your child to music through beautifully crafted and holistic group music lessons that develop music reading, playing ability and fine & gross motor skills, rhythm and basic music theory in keyboard and ukulele.

Our holistic course develops a broad range of musical skills that extend well beyond playing the piano or keyboard.

The Junior Piano Series features multiple learning layers, wonderful music and lovable Onkie characters.

Children play their instrument hands together from the first lesson. They sing along with the music, participate in story telling and games, play percussion instruments, and engage with the music through gestures and movement activities. Flash cards ensure that music literacy is developed from day one.

It promotes faster, more accurate learning and encourages students to feel and think in musical units. This ensures that children develop musical intelligence as early as possible.

Gross motor and fundamental physical coordination skills are developed through body percussion and Dalcroze-inspired movement activities.

Lil' Musician classes with The Music Space
Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 6.49.18 am.png

AMEB Theory of Music - Online Classes

We understand how essential a solid foundation in music theory is for musicians so we encourage all our students to take our online theory classes as a group from the comfort of their homes while simultaneously enhancing their understanding and appreciation of music. 

All materials are digital and follow the AMEB Theory of Music curriculum. Examination is also optional

Our tutors are equipped to teach Grade 3 and above in theory therefore if you would like to explore theory of music lessons as a private student, please contact us to learn more.


Our younger beginner students work through age appropriate music theory in their lessons working through theory books that develop fundamental basic theory until they are ready for Graded Music Theory Classes and optional examinations.

Acting Classes

Lil' Actors 7-10yrs

Tween Actors - 11-13yrs

Expressive Edge (Teen Acting Classes) - 14-17yrs

Acting classes not only teach theatrical skills but also contribute to their holistic development.


Acting classes for children and teens can be incredibly beneficial for their personal and social development.

Acting classes encourage our youth to explore and unleash their creativity. Through improvisation, storytelling, and role-playing.

Acting provides a supportive environment for children and teens to express themselves. As they take on different roles and perform in front of others, they develop confidence in their abilities and become more comfortable with public speaking.

Acting involves effective communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Children learn to articulate their thoughts clearly, use body language effectively, and convey emotions. And they will leave each class with a smile on their face!

acting classes at music space
pitch perfect teens at music space

Group Singing

Pitch Perfect Teens (11-16 yrs olds)

We know how valuable singing is for a teen but it can be even more powerful when it is part of a group, developing skills that are not mastered easily alone, such as harmonisation, improvisation and vocal balance in a group

Our pitch perfect teens when ready, will be our prime performers and put forward for performance opportunities.


  • They will develop teamwork skills by coordinating vocal parts within a group & harmonies

  • Experience the thrill of performing for an audience, building a sense of accomplishment.

  • Engage in an enjoyable and active form of artistic expression.

  • Improve lung capacity, breath control, and overall vocal health through singing.

  • Hone pitch and tuning abilities through group singing exercises.

  • Cultivate emotional expression through the interpretation of song lyrics.​

  • Encourage creativity through vocal improvisation and exploration.

  • Develop a unique musical identity within the context of a group.

  • Improve cognitive abilities through the memorization of harmonies and arrangements.

Group Singing

Lil’ Songbirds –7-10 year olds

Group Singing Classes are back for our 7-10 year olds where the goal is not only to learn to sing but to enjoy the experience of singing as part of a whole! 

Our Lil' Songbird classes aim to

  • Foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork as part of a singing ensemble.

  • Boost self-esteem by performing in a supportive group setting.

  • Develop a strong sense of rhythm and to learn to stay in time and follow musical cues

  • Enhance memory skills by learning and memorising song lyrics and melodies.

  • Fun-filled vocal fitness - Improve lung capacity, breath control, and overall vocal health through singing

  • And most importantly, instill a passion for music that can last a lifetime.

lil songbirds at music space
jammin band classes at music space

Jammin' Band Classes

Our Jammin Band Classes are designed for budding musicians who have been learning their instrument for 12-18 months. Our band classes are an interactive and lively space where your child will explore the magic of making music as part of a group.


Through ensemble playing, young musicians learn to listen to each other, synchronise their movements, discover the joy of expressing themselves through music and create a foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Our Jammin' Bands will explore contemporary pop, soul, jazz and even original songs. The lineup of instruments is fluid so if you are keen to play in a band and jam' don't hesitate to expressing your excitement with us.

Let's start JAMMIN' IT OUT!

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