Private brass
Private brass



Private lessons at The Music Space offer a very nurturing and tailored approach. This helps students to learn and really develop their skills privately to build confidence for performance and skills as a musician.

We offer Private tuition for Piano, Guitar, Bass, Singing and Bouzouki

Brass and other instruments can also be arranged so please call us if interested in taking on.

Private Lesson Classes begin as 30min in length 1-1 with your qualified music tutor.


We recommend adults, teenagers and intermediate students opt for 45min or 60min privates.

At The Music Space the focus is on you, and your individual needs and goals. You will be guided at certain stages in your development to take part in recitals, prepare for AMEB music examinations, audition for local productions in the community or Eisteddfods. The opportunities are varied and exciting.

If you simply want to learn and play at home for yourself and for family, that goal is just as special.

What do you aim to achieve with private lessons?


All private lessons are structured to ensure the following are accomplished:


  • Technical exercises to develop hand strength, positioning and agility in your fingers whether you piano or a guitar 

  • Develop breathing and vocal technique, mouth positioning which is very useful for breathing, singing and wind/brass students, 

  • Learn to read music and this skill you will take through life whether you change instruments, play for pleasure or take AMEB music examinations

  • Understanding rhythm is an essential part of becoming a musician and not just for drummers.

  • Learn and work on pieces suited to your level and build on these from week to week. As you progress your teacher will guide you as to which method and theory books you will need.

  • Music theory is encompassed within your lesson to ensure you gain a strong and deep understanding of universal music language

  • Performance technique and improvisation is the final component of learning your instrument. 

  • You will play or sing your pieces and learn how to approach performance. (This is the magic touch!)