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Group classes are such an incredible platform for you to not only learn an instrument or engage in a singing class you love, it also promotes teamwork, empowerment, inclusion and community.


Here is what you can be a part of with The Music Space group programme.

This is going to be evolving and expanding so keep your eyes close to this page and Facebook


Singing Classes (5-6 year olds)
  • Singing classes for this wonderful age group are geared around loving music and learning to feel comfortable with yourself and being around your peers

  • In each class you will perform a special introductory and end of class ritual

  • You will be:

  • introduced to vocal warmups

  • play with rhythm using your body movements, song and percussion

  • learn through play with music

  • doing alot of singing with your teacher

  • Taking your first beautiful steps in cultivating a love of music within you

Singing Classes (7-8 year olds)
  • Envision a room filled with vibrant energetic young people who excitedly rush through the door when their lesson time commences. This is you in this popular singing class

  • You are at a wonderful age for developing your musical ability through singing and also pick up a second instrument such as piano or guitar to complement the skills you are learning in your group class

  • In each class you will perform a special introductory and end of class ritual

  • You will :

  • take your vocal warmups a step further and begin to develop the exercises performed with your teacher

  • play with rhythm through exercises, body movements, song and improvisation

  • engage in basic music theory and learn to read music

  • work on repertoire and singing as a group in unison

  • learn simple choreographies and more coordinated moves will be introduced

  • learn about stage presence, memorising vocal parts and working as a team

  • prepare for private lessons starting at age 9 as you continue to progress as a singer

Teenage Vocal Harmony Classes
  • This class is for you, a private student who loves to sing and would love to develop more techniques in singing harmonies

  • Classes always begin with breathing exercises

  • You will:

  • learn to harness your voice with vocal warmups

  • run through a series of varied technical exercises

  • undertake vocal techniques commentary with your teacher

  • develop the essential skill of reading music and rhythm

  • study the Solfeggio

  • develop your pitching

  • develop a great understanding of the dynamics of singing as part of a group

  • Stage presence is a skill that needs to be learnt especially as you grow older 

  • Choreography and movement will be components added to your vocal work so as to be fluid and expressive when you sing and perform. These are skills that you can apply to examinations, dance and public speaking

  • Vocal harmony work - a powerful and empowering skill to learn as a singer

  • You will have opportunities to perform at The Music Space recitals and work towards eisteddfods and local performances with time and development

Monday Monthly Adult ’Sing For Joy’ Classes
  • The only prerequisite for you in our adult 'Sing For Joy; classes is the opportunity to let your voice out with JOY

  • You will:

  • be taken on a journey each time you arrive with our vocal coach Robert Teicher.

  • start with vocal warmups to prepare you for the hour ahead

  • spend an hour enjoying the opportunity and joy to express yourself through song

  • Well known songs will be explored

  • Singing in unison as a coordinated group and with time and development, you will be singing simple harmony parts as well

  • You will have the opportunity to perform at The Music Space recitals

Greek Singing Classes
  • These classes are open to children and adults alike

  • You will :

  • commence your lessons with vocal warmups using Greek phonics

  • develop correct pronunciation of Greek phonemes

  • learn breathing exercises which you will find valuable in the day-to-day of life

  • work on varied greek song material

  • learn to sing with your fellow choristers in unison

  • Simple harmony work will be introduced when your group has developed vocally

  • Being a Greek speaker is an advantage however is not compulsory. You will be given both English phonetics and Greek language for song and warm up materials



Are you ready to learn to play the bouzouki! One of Greece’s traditional instruments with its distinct sound and style.















  • This is such an exciting programme and is run by none other than the master of Bouzouki, Manolis Michalakis.

  • You will learn from the teacher who teaches and mentors our bouzouki players here in Australia. Manolis has toured Greece with the country's most influential artists and taught for over 30 years

  • He is a scholar having published 18 books about the method of study for the bouzouki and guitar

  • This opportunity to learn from a man who is not only so experienced but also so humble is a special one

  • Classes run every Thursday:

  • 4.15pm - Beginners

  • 5.15pm - Intermediates

  • 7.00pm - Advanced

  • Privates can also be arranged. Please contact here via email to express your interest.

  • You will need your own instrument for these classes. Information on where to purchase is available by contacting our admin team

  * You will not only learn how to play your instrument, with Manoli you will:

  • Learn to read music

  • Understand rhythm

  • Develop your ability to play this iconic Greek instrument

  • Opportunity to perform at Music Space recitals and other community events when ready


  • Learning your instrument in private lessons is essential in learning to play and understand rhythm and reading music

  • Taking your playing to the next level is when you can work on a piece of music and play it with others

  • Our new “Band Jam” is all about grouping together our various students and giving you an opportunity to improve your listening skills and work through pieces of popular music with your ‘band mates’

  • Take instruction and guidance from your conductor

  • Work as a team

  • Develop your rhythm and timing

  • Learn to play some cool songs as a group and have a really awesome time doing it


  • At The Music Space we focus strongly on building wholistic musicians.

  • When it comes to music theory, you not only learn how to play your instrument correctly, you also gain a deeper  understanding about rhythm, reading music and get a good dose of Music Theory

  • Music Theory exams are excellent for you when you are taking music exams, if you are taking music as a subject at school (particularly high school), if you are a budding songwriter or if you simply want to understand music on a deeper level

  • The 1hr music theory classes will work with the AMEB music theory curriculums as you work through them with your theory instructor


  • Have you ever seen yourself as a songwriter? Or have you ever felt the need to express yourself through music or words and not sure how to begin writing a song?

  • Songwriting is a powerful medium not only from a lyrical perspective but also from a melodic one and of course creative one.

  • Songwriting classes will be run as a workshop style hour where you the budding songwriters can bring your material and work together with your songwriting coach so that you can work on it collaboratively

  • Songwriting is therapeutic, enriching, powerful and hugely creative.

  • It is also a very technical process where you will explore song structure, chordal structure, phrasing and lyric & melody development

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