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What can I expect at The Music Space?

You can expect to form a strong connection with your music tutor and feel a part of a greater music community at The Music Space which supports and nurtures you and your music development wholistically, as well as your mum and dad or carers, through your private lessons, group classes or family music classes.

What is ‘100% Happiness Guarantee’ month?

Our 100% Happiness Guarantee month is your very first month of paid lessons as a new student with The Music Space with no strings attached. This is the best way to experience what lessons are like and how you get on with your teacher before you sign up for enrolment for the year. 

We do not offer free trial lessons unless there is a special promotion offered or you are a family attending a Music Together® family music class for a first time.

How do enrolments work?

The Music Space enrols students and follows the NSW Government school calendar where we teach 40 weeks of the year (and generally 10 weeks per term).

We do not teach during school holidays.​

Upon enrolment and completing our registration form on the contact page of the website, you will receive a series of welcome emails so you are ready to go for your first lesson!​

You will also have spoken to our founder Heidi so we can find you the perfect fit when it comes to our tutors and the time and day of your lessons each week.

The final step will be that you will receive your first invoice from our accounts manager and this will activate your monthly direct debit payments...and lessons will commence.

What are your term dates?

We follow the NSW Government School Calendar and teach 40 weeks of the year - Click here

Are there lessons on public holidays?

The school is closed on public holidays so if your lesson happens to fall on a public holiday we have the following options available to you.

1. Speak to your tutor directly and arrange a make up lesson on a day and time that suits you both

2. use the cost of your lesson as a credit toward an upcoming workshop, music camp or recital

Payment for lessons

How do I pay for lessons?

All payments are processed through our direct debit payment gateway, Payrix.

All new students will have a new student registration fee added to their first invoice. It includes an awesome welcome pack given to you at your first lesson.

How does Direct Debit work?

After you enrol, an invoice will be sent to you via email for lessons with a link to register your nominated bank or card account with our payment gateway direct debit system. This must be completed immediately and prior to your first lesson.

Once registered the invoice amount will be debited from your nominated account on the 1st of every month (pro-rata’ed if after the 1st).

How do you calculate my monthly fees?

We calculate the 40 weeks of lessons over the course of a whole year 'x' the cost of your lesson and divide the amount by 11 months of equal payments.

The payments come out each month from 1st February until 1st December.

As we don't teach in January – there are no scheduled payments

The first payment of every year will be February 1st and the last payment will be on December 1st.

Payments are easy because you simply set it up once, and payments will continue for however long you want.

Music Together® Families

Music Together family music classes: These classes are direct debited on an ongoing basis however are taken in 3 monthly instalments per term. Each term may be

slightly different in length therefore the term payments are a little varied and hence why we arrange three direct debits per term using a secure payment gateway.

Credit Card/Transaction Fees

Bank Account Transaction fee – $0.88 per transaction

Credit/Debit Card Transaction Fee – $0.33 per transaction

Visa/Mastercard Fee – 1.87% of transaction value

American Express Fee – 3.85% of transaction value

Yearly Registration Fee – $25.00

If your payment bounces there will be a $10.00 failed payment fee added to your next payment

Lesson Fees 2023

Please note fees will increase annually in line with the NSW Music Teacher's Association. The increase will be communicated prior to payments being direct debited.

Private Lessons:

30min - $52 (inc GST). Monthly direct debit $189 

45min - $78 (inc GST). Monthly direct debit $284

60min - $104 (inc GST). Monthly direct debit $378

Group Lessons (including Music Together®):

$33 per group class. Monthly direct debit $120


School Band Programme - Corpus Christi

9 week terms each term.

$99 for service and hire of the instrument annually (no refunds if you cease playing with the band in a school year)

$32 per week. Monthly direct debit $105.

This includes a group lesson for your instrument grouping, eg woodwind, brass, percussion AND 60min full band rehearsal once per week


* All new students are charged a $30 registration fee and group classes have the cost of their required method book added to their first invoice.

Private students guided by their tutor and are required to purchase their required method and theory materials promptly from our Music Space Shop or other retailer.

How do I cease lessons?

At The Music Space you are not locked into a year long contract. If you feel you are not able to continue lessons, all you need to do is notify our accounts manager at via email at least 2 weeks prior to the end of term. Your tuition will cease at the end of the term. Your account will be direct debited until the end of the term therefore not attending lessons until the end of term does not mean you will receive a credit or refund.

Once your account is settled, your direct debit arrangement will be cancelled and no further payments will be taken.

To verify your cancellation of lessons you will receive a reply via email to acknowledge it has been received on our end. Please do not leave voicemails or sms to cancel.

What happens if I miss a class?


I can’t make a lesson, how do I cancel it?

If you can’t attend your lesson, if you are unable to make it or are on holidays, contact your teacher directly via phone or email a minimum of 24 -48 hours in advance. We will not set up an alternative day or time for a make up lesson. Instead you will be provided with a 10-15min video lesson sent to your student portal with your week's homework attached so you can pick up exactly where you would have left off when you're back

What happens if I cancel with less than 24 hours notice?

If there is less than 24 hours notice for cancellations, instead of losing your lesson altogether, we will now send a video lesson for you to be able to continue your practice and development until you return the following week.

Can I do online lessons?

Absolutely! We have extensive online lesson experience with our teachers. If you are sick we are happy to move the lesson online and continue your progress. Please contact your teacher directly to move your lesson online at least 12-24 hours prior

What happens if my teacher is absent

If your teacher is absent, we will either arrange for a relief teacher to cover for the time they are unable to teach group lessons or your tutor will arrange an alternative lesson day with you directly. In regards to private tuition, the same will occur if your teacher is absent, or your teacher will arrange a make up lesson with you at a time that is suitable to you both within that term

Refunds and Make up Lessons

No refunds or credits are given under any circumstances for classes missed by a student. This would only be at the discretion of the director if deemed completely necessary.

I want to extend the length of my lessons. How do I do that?

Contact our admin team at with this request, we can arrange to extend the length of lesson at any point during the term if the teacher’s schedule allows.

I want to decrease the length of my lessons. How do I do that?

Contact admin with this request as above and we can make this change for the following term.


Group Classes

How do I pay for group classes?

Group classes need to be paid for via direct debit as with all our lessons provided - see above.

What happens if I miss a group class?

Group classes must go ahead regardless of which students are away. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a refund or makeup lesson for any missed group classes.

If the teacher is away for a lesson, a substitute will be provided and the class will go ahead as planned.


Late Payments

What happens if I miss a payment?

Warning emails will be sent for unpaid lessons 7 days after payment is due, if we continue to send late payment emails, it may result in suspension of lessons until payment or payment plan has been accepted.

 There is a late payment surcharge charged by our payment gateway provider, please know this will be added to your invoice by Payrix if your card is not able to have the payment processed.


Gift Certificates

How do gift certificates work?

Gift certificates are fully transferable for use with any Music Space Music lesson. Please contact  and book your lesson(s) in any of our locations.

Not redeemable for cash.

Where is The Music Space located?

We are located at Shops 1&2, 246 Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate NSW 2217 (South branch). 17 Link Road, St Ives at Corpus Christi Primary School (North Shore branch) and run Lil’ Musician Programmes at Bald Face Public School, Blakehurst.

Lesson Timetable

Lessons are weekly throughout the NSW public school term (40 weeks a year pro rata). Extra lessons can be booked for holiday periods by emailing

Books and Material

You will be given instruction by your teacher on the materials you will need to purchase which will suit your learning goals and level of tuition required.

A Practice Diary will be issued to private lesson students $12.00 or you can purchase your own music book

All new students pay a $30 registration fee and receive a welcome pack and become a part of our music community with My Music Staff

Social Media

The Music Space photograph, film and record audio from various rehearsals, concerts and lessons. These are used as promotional material. If you DO NOT wish to have any social media used, please email The Music Space with the students’ full name stating so.

Student Conduct

All students agree to be respectful of the teachers, students and equipment at The Music Space

General Studio Rules

Equipment provided by The Music Space is for the use of all students. Please do not handle equipment or resources if they do not pertain to you or you have been asked not to touch by a member of the team. If repairs or replacements are needed due to negligent care the student will be charged for it’s repair or replacement.

Bullying Policy

The Music Space has a strictly no bullying policy. If a student is found to be bullying other students, or a parent or carer found to be bullying one of our team, The Music Space will discontinue their tuition immediately.

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