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Why Music?
Here are some reasons why you should be adding Music to your life

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Learning Music is not just about scales and pieces. When you, as a student truly embody the mission of The Music Space of "cultivating a lifelong love of music", it is something quite special! It extends way beyond your music lesson! 

and Why Music?

It isn’t just about the instrument you are learning to play. The students we cultivate take their confidence, focus, resilience and joy to their classrooms at school, to choir rehearsals and band practices, to work presentations, debates, public speaking and exams. 


  • You bounce through the door embodying a big smile on your face. 

  • You have your music bag and books in your hands, ready to learn. Ready to feel empowered and inspired.

  • You step into the studio feeling connected to your music community and teacher,  welcome, safe & happy

  • You become a person who is self expressed, confident and skilled. 

  • You come because you love being here, taught in a nurturing manner by your teacher and loving the connections you are making

  • You learn skills such as perseverance, focus and persistence and set goals to perform, learn to play a new scale, or take your first AMEB exam.

  • You feel engaged and trust your teacher knowing you are a member of a very special music family 

  • You are learning something that will bring joy and your family throughout your entire life. 

  • You will leave each lesson feeling empowered and wonderful, clear on what it is you need to do.


We relish the fact that you are on that journey with us. Let’s do this!

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