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Ricardo Steyer

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukelele and Drums



1 He started studying guitar and singing when he was 14 years old and did his first gig at that same age playing an acoustic guitar with an external pickup and a drum kit made of metal pans & lids and plastic buckets inside a garage for 5 people in the crowd. :)

2 He has been playing music professionally since 2006, playing sets in Brazil for 6-7 hours!!

3 Ricardo performs on a 7-string acoustic guitar with his band here in Sydney, playing "choro", an amalgamation of European classical music and African rhythms

4 Ricardo's mottos about music: Studying an instrument is like learning a new language: it is essential to practice the various aspects of it with frequency - listening, speaking, reading, writing... and most important: having fun while doing it!

5 Studying music and/or a musical instrument is a great way to develop as a person as it provides the student with rational and emotional exercises

6 He has a strong passion for all forms of art and practices pencil drawing whenever he has some free time

7 He loves the French side of the Nouvelle Vague movement from the 60's and has watched every single movie from Francois Truffaut

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