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Group Classes


Early Childhood

  Programmes Tailor Made for You    

The Music Space aims to cultivate your development and love of music by offering both private 1-1 lessons, family music classes with the world renowned programme Music Together® and a growing variety of group classes.


The group class programme at The Music Space is a perfect complement to your private tuition or as a stand alone programme allowing you to pick the style of learning that best suits your needs and desires.

In 2022 we are thrilled to be offering family music classes with Music Together® for your 0-5year olds. An early learning music and movement program for babies and their carers, 45min of music connection and bliss

Our private tuition involves materials and teaching methods where your specialist tutor will take you through a learning process at a pace that will suit you, whereby the fundamentals of music are learnt correctly from the very beginning.​

Click through to the dedicated pages below so you can explore the choice of private lessons on offer, group programmes to select from, Music Together classes to register for or consider how you can maximise your learning by creating a combo of both private lessons and group classes to really accelerate your development and love of music!

​We promise you will love the transformation as you develop into a connected, confident, self expressed creative ready to achieve your music goals and cultivate your lifelong love for music.​

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