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5 Developmental Benefits Of Music For Toddlers and Pre-schoolers

Most toddlers find music irresistible. Pop on a song, and you’ll see their nappy-clad bottoms wiggling along in no time. Young children are drawn to making music, and while moving to the beat is a lot of fun, parents and caregivers will be happy to know that music also benefits childhood development.

The developmental benefits of music for toddlers are broad. What may feel like play is a powerful way to shape your child’s mind. So, why not pop on some background music as you read…

The Benefits of Music for Children

Listening to music at home is wonderful, but making music is even more powerful. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Southern California found that music has the ability to shape children’s brains. Participating in music classes builds on the neuroplasticity of the brain, which has the potential to accelerate the development of language, reading and other skills.

When participating in a music program such as Music Together® and encouraging learning through music, parents and carers can help children with:

1. Social-Emotional Development and Social Skills

Participating in group music activities encourages children to self-regulate and build self-confidence and a feeling of competence. Group activities help build leadership and the ability to practise turn-taking and impulse control. Music also encourages self-expression.

2. Fine and Gross Motor Skills

The benefits of music for toddlers are also physical. When using instruments, children are challenged to use fine and gross motor skills to play them. Music and movement activities encourage children to use their whole body, which can build coordination, flexibility and timing.

3. Building Close Relationships

Participating in music activities with a child strengthens your bond, and it also encourages children to interact with each other in new and interesting ways. Music helps children [and their carers] to connect through play and movement in ways that may otherwise feel awkward. Children learn by example, and when they see those that care for them engaging and interacting with music, their desire to connect and engage through musical play grows too.

4. Supporting Cognitive Development

The connection between maths and music is quite profound. Songs and rhythmic chants introduce children to the concepts of patterns, counting and proportions. Movement allows children to explore the concept of cause and effect. Singing allows children to explore new ways to use their voices, supports their phonological awareness, builds their vocabulary and supports their active listening skills.

5. Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem

One of the benefits of music for toddlers is the encouragement of self-expression and exploration. Children learn to use their own voice, utilise physical space and connect with the music in their own unique way.

Singing, dancing, and clapping are mood-boosting activities that aid children in feeling excited and encouraged to learn new songs and skills. When children play music, it builds a sense of accomplishment and strengthens the connection between the control they have over their bodies and the objects they interact with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What music helps toddlers’ brain development?

The complex composition of classical music is often noted as being the best type of music for brain development. We use different genres of music that have been carefully selected to teach musical concepts such as beat, rhythm and repetition. Exposing children to a broad range of genres allows children to experience music in all of its different forms and enjoy the variety and expression of the artist and their own interaction with the song.

Do all children have musical talent?

We believe that all children have an innate musical talent. Our program is based on research that shows that all children can learn to sing in tune and have a sense of rhythm, and our classes work to develop these skills in both the children and grownups who attend a Music Together® class.

When should a toddler start music lessons?

Children can [and should] be immersed in music from birth. Our classes cater to children between 0 and 5 years old.

The Benefits of Music for Toddlers – Music Together® Classes

At The Music Space, we use a research-based learning program called Music Together®. Our program is suitable for babies, toddlers and preschool children and is a fun and interactive way to reap the benefits of music for toddlers and children.

Want to connect with your child through music? Join a Music Together® class today.

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