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How A Music Together® Class Can Benefit Your Child

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Fun and free-flowing, Music Together® classes use movement and play to connect you and your child through music.

Why Music Together®?

With so many music classes available to families with preschool children, what makes Music Together® so special? When you first attend, you’ll notice that the sessions are based on learning through play. Adults and children are encouraged to move, play and sing along to the music.

But it’s not just about having fun. Music Together® classes encourage children to develop their innate musicality and show parents, and caregivers how to bring music into the home. Based on years of research and hundreds of thousands of classes [if not more], this program will have you singing and dancing as a family in no time.

What To Expect From Our Music Classes

Dress comfortably when you attend one of our music classes because you will be using your body to create a range of movements. There will be plenty of opportunities to play music together, as well as use our bodies and instruments to explore pauses and rhythm and build focus.

Music Together® utilises recorded music across a wide variety of genres and eras. The Hello Everybody app and CDs allow you to bring this music into your home or car, which builds familiarity and helps to broaden your at-home listening.

Singing is a powerful way of connecting with your child, yet many of us feel awkward or out of tune. Our classes will help you to build confidence in your ability and help you to make singing part of your everyday routine. After all, your voice is the perfect voice in the eyes of your child.

Benefit From The Richness of Music In Class And At Home

With many kids’ music classes, you attend your lesson, and then that’s it until next week. Not Music Together® classes. We firmly believe that all children are born musical. That’s why we equip parents and caregivers to model music-making for children in class and at home.

Regardless of your ability, your singing voice and your enthusiasm for music are two powerful tools you can utilise to bring music into your home. The team at The Music Space will also support you by giving you access to the app, songbook, or CD so you can learn the songs and incorporate them into your lives at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are music and movement activities?

Music and movement activities are those that incorporate gross motor skills and fine motor skills with music. Activities could include moving your body like an animal to match the tempo of a piece of music or adapting a song to include new words and actions.

Music and movement activities can improve listening skills, coordination, and creativity.

What is basic music competence?

Basic music competence is the idea that children can learn to sing in tune and dance accurately to a beat. Our music classes for kids are built on this principle, and the activities, although a lot of fun, are designed to support children in meeting these two key goals

What is the Music Together® App?

It’s never been easier to bring the Music Together® program into your home. The Hello Everybody App is available on iPhone and Android and is accessible to those undertaking our music classes for kids. The app gives you access to all the songs from class so you can continue your musical play at home, in the car, in the park or whenever the moment calls you.

Want To Connect With Your Child Through Music?

Join A Music Together® Preschool Music Class Today

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